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Vegetarian Treats

Item #


B1 The "Berry" Best Veggie Bone
B2 Peanutty Poochy Pleaser
B3 The Bonefied Cheesiest
B4 Greyhound's Delight - A Sweet Treat
B5 Speedy - The Rabbit That Got Away
B6 Lick Me - Fresh Mint & Parsley
B7 Puppy Love - Garlic For The Skin & Coat
B8 Ginger, Don't Snap - Puppy May Just Go Postal
B9 Dognuts - A Doggie Donut Of Peanut Butter & Carob
B10 24 Carrot Sophie - Dedicated To A Diamond Of A Girl Whose Favorite Treats Are Carrots


May Contain The Following:
Vegetable stock, sunflower oil, unsulphured molasses, honey, wheat flour, cornmeal, egg, green peppers, spinack, carrots, garlic, parsley, cilantro, ground peanuts, cheese, oat bran, wheat germ, wheat bran, unsweetened carob, ginger, cinnamon.
Crude Fat Min.


Crude Fiber Min.

Crude Protein Min. 15%
Crude Fat Max. 17%
Crude Fiber Max. 3%
Crude Protein Max. 18%


If your pup has certain dietary restrictions, please ask if your selection contains that product.


Can't make up your mind on one type of treat?   Please mix and match a sampling.  Treats are sold by weight because I hand roll and use cookie cutters.  Since I am  not always consistent, you get more value by weight.  Each treat averages approximately 8 to 15 cents a piece.  You will be able to determine your flavor by shape.  Your pup may have a preference, but I think you will find they enjoy the "Berry" Best Veggie Bone and other veggie based bones just as well.  In the wild, dogs are omnivores, and supplement their diets with roots, berries, and greens.  Remember what mom always said, "Eat your vegetables!"