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All The Rest...

Item #


S1 Woofies - An assortment of cookies made with oats
S2 Dynamutt Twists - Cheese flavored twists
S3 Paw-Paws - Berry's take on a Bon-Bon, mint, coconut, or peanut butter
S4 Ruffins - All natural nuffins sweetened with honey
S5 Pupzels - The pup's twist on a pretzel
S6 Barkin' Bagels - Flavor of the week: Pizza, Vegetable Cheese, Cinnamon, Sesame, Poppy Seed, Chicken Cheese, Beef Cheese.   Available in miniature, too.
S7 Doggone Buns - What's harder than a cinnamon bun, but has the same arousing aroma and flavor?
S8 Knot Barkin' - It's not bacon either, but knotted with that flavor
S9 Roll Over Rover - This fire hydrant is for eating.  Made of peanut butter & carob
S10 Puppy Pepto - Sure to do the trick with the help of brown rice
S11 Berritos - Berry's version of a Mexican favorite
S12 Shoo Fly - What would a Lancaster county business be without doing it's part to cash in on the Amish?  This selection includes an Amish man, woman, horse & buggy with molasses
S13 Daily Special - I am constantly playing with ingredients to develop new recipes.  Today it may be tarts or biscotti.  The sky's the limit!


If your pup has certain dietary restrictions, please ask if your selection contains that product.


Can't make up your mind on one type of treat?   Please mix and match a sampling.  Treats are sold by weight because I hand roll and use cookie cutters.  Since I am  not always consistent, you get more value by weight.  Each treat averages approximately 8 to 15 cents a piece.  You will be able to determine your flavor by shape.  Your pup may have a preference, but I think you will find they enjoy the "Berry" Best Veggie Bone and other veggie based bones just as well.  In the wild, dogs are omnivores, and supplement their diets with roots, berries, and greens.  Remember what mom always said, "Eat your vegetables!"