Berry Best Pet Bakery
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You've Tried The Rest, but Your Dog Deserves...
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Dedicated to the Rescue of the GreyhoundTM

Welcome to The
"Berry" Best
Pet Bakery!

Official Taste Testers and Chowhounds of the Board: Berry and Reason - Retired Racing Greyhounds.

Established in 1995 to aid the rescue effort and to help maintain the health of your hound.

Berry - Chairhound of the Board
Berry - Chowhound of the Board
Mailing Address:
29 Hassell Avenue
Bethany Beach, DE 19930


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Reason - Co-Chair
Reason - Co-Chow

The "Berry" Best Natural Pet Bakery bakes fresh daily using all natural ingredients.  Fresh herbs and vegetables high in vitamins add to this healthy alternative to mass produced snacks, which can be laden with chemicals and additives.

The base of each treat is made from scratch, simmering the ingredients as you would for soup.  No salt, sugar, artificial colorings or preservatives are added.  Organic grains, herbs, and vegetables are used when available.  Free range organic poultry, beef, and eggs are also utilized as much as possible.  Since no preservatives are added, your treats are best if eaten within a few weeks and keep best if allowed to breathe.  Refrigeration is preferred.

All of the "Berry" Best Natural Pet Bakery recipes have been developed utilizing my more than 20 years in the food service industry.  A vegetarian, I began to experiment with the ingredients to develop a healthy treat for Berry.  The first successful result became the "Berry" Best Veggie Bone.

I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to share my life with greyhounds. Berry has taught me so much and with the help of her new brother, Reason, my life has been enriched in immeasurable ways.   Unfortunately, more than 20,000 of this breed are destroyed in the U.S. annually as they loose the race for their lives. Given the chance, these dogs adapt readily to a loving home environment and make wonderful pets.  For more information on the plight of the greyhound and how you can help, please click on to my links.  I feel we are put on this earth for a purpose. With Berry and Reason's help,  I hope I am able to make a difference in the lives of a few greyhounds. 


"Not to hurt our humble brethren is our first duty to them, but, to stop there is not enough. We have a higher mission- to be of service to them  wherever they require it." - St. Francis of Assisi